Breathe like a bunny for good energy and fun!

Breathe like a bunny for good energy and fun!


"Yoga Kim" Vulinovic 

"Yoga Kim" grew up climbing trees, roller skating and riding her bike in the hills of Pennsylvania.  In her early adult life, she was a fashion designer in Manhattan and a serious modern dance student.  She and her husband raised their two daughters  and now enjoy the life of  empty nester s in Oak Park.  Beginning her yoga practice in 1996 after the birth of her youngest daughter, Kim was surprised to find that yoga helped, not only her physical body, but all aspects of her life.  Looking for a career that would balance her family life and include her love of movement, art and children, she became a Certified YogaKids Teacher in 2001.  She also holds an  E200hour Yoga Teacher designation through Yoga Alliance , teaching alignment based, gentle flow classes to adults.   You can see "Yoga Kim" biking around Oak Park as she brings fitness, fun and focus to her community.  

In addition to her children's classes, Kim facilitate all the Mid-West YogaKids International 's teacher trainings, leading a new generation of thoughtful, compassionate adults toward full YogaKids Certification.    

" Yoga Kim" sends you a heart felt welcome to YogaKids of Oak Park.  Namaste! 



" I thought the YK Foundations training was wonderful and I don't remember being so relaxed and having so much fun away from home in a long time! It was the perfect combination of getting away for a few days, learning a lot of fun new ideas and theories, meeting some great people, and enjoying wonderful conversation! Thank you for all that you did to enhance our experience and growth!  Miriam Mandel", Pediatrician and new YKA

"It was wonderful.  I have never seen the girls so quiet."   2nd grade girl scout leader

 "My 3 daughters have taken yoga from Yoga Kim for the last 3 years at Children's Garden.  They LOVE it!  They are more flexible, strong, and love showing everyone their different poses.  They also teach all the adults in our family poses!   Yoga Kim is kind, patient, and overflowing with positive energy.  She is truly a blessing in my Children's lives.  I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of her  yoga classes." Tamar Levinson, mom and PSY.D


Yoga means to yoke or unite.  Our mission is to connect each child to herself, her body, her spirit,  her community and the world around her. 

Namaste to all of my clients and parents for their kind and encouraging words of praise.  

Namaste to all of my clients and parents for their kind and encouraging words of praise.  

"Conner loves YogaKids with Yoga Kim.  It seems to help his concentration, relaxation and sleep.  He practices a lot at home, and even teaches his younger sister.  He's been going since he was three and plans to continue "forever."  Mary McVay, of her 5th grade son

"The Taste of YK workshop was great.  I took away so many good ideas and met some very nice people.  It just goes to show that there is good going on all arounds us!  You are a very personable speaker with great ideas and a positive attitude!" Elizabeth Pupeter, YK  workshop participant

"Kim Vulinovic taught a weekly class at Children’s Garden Montessori School for 15 years.  She is prompt, dependable and organized.  My families enjoyed her communications and feed back, and the children loved the yoga.  The YogaKids program is a very enriching experience for children:  physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.    I would highly recommend her to any school director."                                                                Roshan Mawani, director or Children’s Garden Montessori, Oak Park